About Me

I’m a creative problem-solver who’s always seeking innovative approaches to tackle challenges. With communication, teaching, programming, and team-building skills, I’m an experienced CEO who bridges the gap between clients and programming teams. My holistic approach proactively identifies organizational needs, while considering the risks and benefits of new technologies. I prioritize the safety and societal benefits of technology and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

  • Age:42
  • Residence:Spain
  • e-mail:hi@adriangarciamarin.com
  • Languages (human communication 8):Spanish (bilingual) · French (bilingual) · English (Advanced) · German (Elementary)

What I Do

Web 3.0

Passionate about exploring the potential of Web 3.0 and its real-world applications, I am dedicated to staying at the forefront of this emerging technology. With a solid understanding of decentralized systems and blockchain, I am committed to driving innovation and building a better future for the internet.


I am an expert in eCommerce and online stores, with extensive experience in designing and managing online platforms, optimizing conversion rates, and developing effective digital marketing strategies. Skilled in creating seamless customer experiences and increasing online sales revenue.

Web Design

Skilled in web design with expertise in UX and UI, with a keen eye for creating visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces. With extensive experience in both design and development, I am able to bring a user-centric approach to all of my projects, resulting in highly effective and engaging websites.


Passionate about AI and its practical applications, I am currently specializing in this field to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. With a focus on real-world solutions, I am excited to contribute my skills in data analysis, programming, and problem-solving to the exciting and constantly evolving world of AI.


Expert in designing immersive worlds for the metaverse, using cutting-edge technologies and creative storytelling to craft unforgettable experiences. Skilled in creating virtual environments that engage users and drive meaningful interactions, with a deep understanding of the latest trends and best practices in metaverse development.


I am specialized in team management and project/enterprise management, with experience leading cross-functional teams and delivering successful outcomes on time and within budget. My expertise includes strategic planning, resource allocation, risk management, and effective communication to achieve shared goals.

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